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List of products by brand Konopná Farma Liptov

Hemp farm Liptov has been a unique grower of hemp sown in Slovakia since 2019. It does not use any pesticides and herbicides , the plants are in BIO quality without any chemical additives. All products are produced directly in the manufactory on the farm, which is governed by strict hygiene regulations according to the RÚVZ regulations of the European Union.

Only authorized certified varieties listed in the list of hemp varieties may be grown in Slovakia - according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 639/2014 and for the purposes of Government Regulation of the Slovak Republic no. 342/2014 Coll., Which are subject to control. The most popular are Carmagnola or Finola. These varieties contain up to 0.2% THC, which is a trace amount and have absolutely no psychoactive effects . It is therefore not a matter of growing 'smoking marijuana'. Cannabis seeds contain a number of vitamins that support the human body and have broad-spectrum effects. It can be used not only in food and healthcare, but also in cosmetics, textiles and other industries such as paper, fuel, insulation, etc.

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