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Mouthwash Supplement by Dr. Nona has antibacterial effects and helps keep your breath fresh for a long time.

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Many people in the world suffer from oral problems. These problems can often result in surgery. Mouthwash Dr. Nona is a comprehensive solution to these problems. Thanks to its unique composition, it regenerates the oral cavity and at the same time heals minor skin injuries. It has excellent antibacterial effects and helps keep your breath fresh for a long time. It can also be used as an effective gargle for sore throats and colds.

Active substances

Chamomile extract, mint oil, sage oil, thyme oil, citrus peel oil, bioorganomineral complex (BOMK).


Gargle daily for 15-20 seconds with undiluted Mouthwash. In case of periodontitis, gargle several times a day and line the gums with cotton swabs soaked in Mouthwash.

Symptoms and use

  • acts preventively against tartar
  • helps prevent gum problems
  • eliminates bad breath
  • brings relief from colds and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
  • has an antibacterial effect, disinfects the oral cavity and small wounds on the skin
  • regenerates the microflora of the oral mucosa

250 ml

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Dr. Nona

Company history „Dr. Nona International Ltd. ”

The company „Dr. Nona International Ltd. ” was founded in Israel in 1994, at the clinic "Lenom" Dr. Nona Kuchina, a graduate of Minsk Medical University, and her husband, Michael Shneerson.

Creating products "Dr. Nona ”

Creating a production “Dr. Nona ”with the revolutionary discovery of BOMK (Bioorganomineral Complex) is documented by the scientific work and experience of specialists in various fields of medicine and cosmetology.

The company held six international scientific - practical conferences on the topic "Use of preparations" Dr. Nona "in wider medical practice". (Moscow: 1997,1999, 2001, 2008, Kiev 2003, Tel Aviv 2005). Products “Dr. Nona ”received approval from 14 leading research centers, such as the Institute of Beauty, Institute of Surgery AW Wisniewski RAMV, Scientific Center of Oncology NN Blochina RAMV, Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics NN Priorov, Institute of Pediatric Hematology, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Institute of Neurosurgery , Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine and more. The company's official representation has opened in more than 20 countries around the world. The products are used by more than 20 million people.


In 1999, the company "Dr. Nona ”created a fund for sick oncological children of the former Soviet Union. Children are supported financially, but also by a large number of products "Dr. Nona ”. "Unfortunately, the treatment of cancer requires a lot of work. This is the use of aggressive anti-cancer substances, which have undesirable side effects on the body, and our products are very much needed in convalescence "- says Dr. Nona Kuchina.

"Products developed by our company for use in aggressive treatment have undergone clinical trials in many oncology hospitals and are recommended for use as in chemotherapy, even after discontinuation - especially in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

"This allows patients to regenerate the body more quickly and also reduce the possibility of colds and viral diseases," - adds Dr. Nona.

This is the way the company “Dr. Nona ”helps sick children in Russia, in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, provides comprehensive rehabilitation.

To date, more than 6,000 young patients have received this support.

By creating the Help Fund for Children with Cancer and for charitable work, Dr. Nona Kuchina awarded the "Gold Medal" of the Russian Peace Fund.