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List of products by brand Superionherbs

Mushroom extracts of first-class quality

SuperionherbsTM is a representative of the British company Pharmacopea Ltd. Extracts from medicinal mushrooms come from plantations of medicinal plants in areas that are on the UNESCO list due to their purity. China and Tibet, in the area of Third Pole, Tibetan Plateau. The raw material for Chitomax comes from pure areas of the Arctic Circle, specifically Greenland. Raw materials for Fenuprim then from Israel. These first-class raw materials are processed using the latest technologies. The result is high quality products with strong efficiency.

Why choose SuperionherbsTM products

Purity and efficiency

Extracts from medicinal mushrooms have a maximum content of polysaccharides (more than 40%) and a content of triterpenoids (more than 4%). The extracts have an optimal (OPT) - balanced composition of all active ingredients. The highest quality and most expensive raw materials available are selected for all products. Ashvaganada 5% withanolides, Betaglucan 80% purity, TriterpenMax 20% triterpenes, Polygonum multiflorum 5% anthraquinone. SuperionherbsTM has absolute control over the way it is grown and processed. Most places where raw materials are grown are personally visited by company representatives. Ganoderma is grown in the traditional way on long wooden trunks called Duanwood Red Reishi. (90% of the products of other Reishi companies on the market are fast - 3 month old mushrooms, grown in plastic bags with a low content of polysaccharides).

SuperionherbsTM products are grown under the strictest safety conditions with an emphasis on the highest quality. They are not irradiated at any stage of production. They do not contain any additives, dyes or preservatives. SuperionherbsTM products are used in their surgeries by doctors and Chinese medicine practitioners. Thanks to the high proportion of active ingredients, one package is enough for 3 months of preventive use!

Quality and safety

At present, it is not a problem on the world market to buy mushroom extracts at very low prices. However, this low price is often redeemed by dubious quality. Superionherbs pays very close attention to the quality of the mushroom raw material. All products meet the strictest quality and safety conditions - GMP, HACCP, GAP, ISO certificates. The quality and quantity of polysaccharides is essential for the effect of the extract. Therefore, we state the amount of polysaccharides for each product. Some manufacturers use unfair practices and add starch to the mushroom extract to achieve a higher proportion of polysaccharides. We emphasize that Superionherbs products contain only highly potent fungal polysaccharides, no starch. The packaging and storage of products also takes place under strict health and hygiene conditions. The extracts are filled into HPCM capsules . These are pure plant capsules suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All relevant tests and certificates are on the capsule.

The raw materials are tested in the independent German laboratory Agrolab Agrolab for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological tests, tests for radioactivity and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

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