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Blog about health

Blog about health

  • The healing power of the Dead Sea
    The healing power of the Dead Sea
    985 Views Liked

    Did you know that the healing power of the Dead Sea goes back thousands of years? The Dead Sea contains all the microelements and elements needed by the human body and up to 21 natural minerals. No one can bathe in it for more than 20 minutes due to the high concentration of salt, which creates a strongly basic environment with a pH of 9.9 and there is a possibility of chemical burns.

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  • The pain can be managed
    The pain can be managed
    916 Views Liked

    I have been reaching for a proven product in my trainings for several years now. We have a special bond. Back in 2005, I had the opportunity to breathe a soul into him in the form of a brand new label design. I was pleased to hear that she has decorated more than a million cans since then.

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  • Autumn detox
    Autumn detox
    1369 Views Liked

    Detoxification is a cleansing process in which the body gets rid of harmful substances. It is one of the means to restore balance, regeneration and self-healing in the body. Properly performed detoxification harmonizes the body, induces a feeling of health, increases energy and clarifies the mind.

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  • Reuma Gél at the SDR 2015 Meeting of Rheumatists
    Reuma Gél at the SDR 2015 Meeting of Rheumatists
    846 Views Liked

    Visitors to the regular event "All-Meeting SDR Rheumatism Meeting" had the opportunity this year to try out the beneficial effects of a popular product from our Reuma Gél offer.

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  • Do you suffer from irritated skin?
    Do you suffer from irritated skin?
    1002 Views Liked

    Dead Sea Water Tiles Nona effectively helps with skin problems, soothes skin irritation, regenerates and nourishes tissue, and also alleviates circulatory problems. They have a calming, cleansing and disinfecting effect. The advantage is easy to use. The dressing is applied to the affected area and left to act for a few minutes.

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  • Dry hands and cracked skin in winter
    Dry hands and cracked skin in winter
    1228 Views Liked

    Dry hands, cracked skin bothers especially in winter. Hand and nail cream Dr. Nona has protective, nourishing and soothing effects. Due to its composition, it has an antibacterial and soothing effect. It is also suitable as a day cream, especially for oily skin. In winter, it suppresses the feeling of cold and leaves hands soft and smooth. It effectively helps in the fight against age spots.

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  • New Year's detox
    New Year's detox
    966 Views Liked

    Many of us have already suffered from metabolic malfunctions. Maybe it's time to try detox. Simply put, clean your inside. Of course, it requires a strong will, but the results are priceless.

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  • Ashwagandha
    1415 Views Liked

    Ashvaganda is the Ayurvedic response to Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) in traditional Chinese medicine, and its rejuvenating properties are similarly used in this regard.

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  • Betaglucan
    1463 Views Liked

    Betaglucan is a natural complex polysaccharide and science has been focusing on its immunomodulatory abilities quite often in the last two decades. The results of this and other research are more than encouraging.

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  • Chaga (Chaga) Siberian
    Chaga (Chaga) Siberian
    4496 Views Liked

    Chaga. The homeland of this medicinal fungus is Siberia and the northern regions of China, where it has long been used to prepare decoctions for the treatment of tumors, and has earned the nickname "Gift from God" for its results.

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  • Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese Caterpillar
    Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese Caterpillar
    1817 Views Liked

    Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese caterpillar as an energy charger? Yes, this is how we could certainly characterize this mushroom from the high altitudes of the Himalayas. It was her origins that gave her the strength to stimulate human resilience and immunity. Cordyceps is beneficial to the body in terms of its active ingredients. It gives it resistance to bacteria, viruses, parasites and even stress.

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  • Curcuma - Curcuma longa
    Curcuma - Curcuma longa
    1231 Views Liked

    Turmeric, or Indian saffron (as the plant is sometimes called), is a spice obtained from the dried and ground ground of the long turmeric (Curcuma longa). The yellow spice comes from South Asia. In recent years, the benefits and negatives of this plant have been much discussed. Golden spice, according to the nickname, is attributed many positive effects on health. Whether it is a benefit for the immune system, pain relief or e.g. digestive aid. At the same time, however, caution is needed, as...

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