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  • Ashwagandha
    1157 Views Liked

    Ashvaganda is the Ayurvedic response to Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) in traditional Chinese medicine, and its rejuvenating properties are similarly used in this regard.

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  • Betaglucan
    1231 Views Liked

    Betaglucan is a natural complex polysaccharide and science has been focusing on its immunomodulatory abilities quite often in the last two decades. The results of this and other research are more than encouraging.

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  • Chaga (Chaga) Siberian
    Chaga (Chaga) Siberian
    4089 Views Liked

    Chaga. The homeland of this medicinal fungus is Siberia and the northern regions of China, where it has long been used to prepare decoctions for the treatment of tumors, and has earned the nickname "Gift from God" for its results.

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  • Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese Caterpillar
    Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese Caterpillar
    1534 Views Liked

    Cordyceps Sinensis - Chinese caterpillar as an energy charger? Yes, this is how we could certainly characterize this mushroom from the high altitudes of the Himalayas. It was her origins that gave her the strength to stimulate human resilience and immunity. Cordyceps is beneficial to the body in terms of its active ingredients. It gives it resistance to bacteria, viruses, parasites and even stress.

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  • Curcuma - Curcuma longa
    Curcuma - Curcuma longa
    1069 Views Liked

    Turmeric, or Indian saffron (as the plant is sometimes called), is a spice obtained from the dried and ground ground of the long turmeric (Curcuma longa). The yellow spice comes from South Asia. In recent years, the benefits and negatives of this plant have been much discussed. Golden spice, according to the nickname, is attributed many positive effects on health. Whether it is a benefit for the immune system, pain relief or e.g. digestive aid. At the same time, however, caution is needed, as...

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  • Hericium - Sea urchin
    Hericium - Sea urchin
    3000 Views Liked

    Hericium, also known as the Slovak coral hedgehog, is a very tasty mushroom reminiscent of the lion's mane. It is mainly used to support mental functions, solves heric-illustration neurological problems, in case of digestive problems of various types and, like other medicinal fungi, coral is characterized by immunomodulatory and anti-cancer effects. Its importance lies in the fight against tumors of the upper and middle part of the digestive tract and liver, it has also proven itself in the...

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  • Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum
    Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum
    1474 Views Liked

    Reishi is a very broad-spectrum fungus, also known as the shiny crustacean or ganoderma. Because of its qualities, it is referred to as the "divine mushroom of immortality." According to traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi is characterized by a neutral temperature, a sweet and slightly hot taste. Reishi is attributed to tropism to the heart, liver, lungs (some sources also mention tropism to the spleen or kidneys).

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  • Green gold from hemp
    Green gold from hemp
    1167 Views Liked

    Hemp oil owes its effects mainly to the high content of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (ALA), the content of which in hemp oil is the highest among all vegetable oils.

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  • Hemp tincture as a nutritional supplement
    Hemp tincture as a nutritional supplement
    1348 Views Liked

    Hemp tincture is made from sown hemp - variety Futura 75, the cultivation of which in Slovakia is controlled by the relevant authorities. It is a species of the cannabis family.

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  • Cannabinoid CBG
    Cannabinoid CBG
    1467 Views Liked

    Some experts argue that CBG could be an option for the treatment of muscle cramps and chronic pain. And in a completely natural and safe way, without any chemicals or side effects.

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  • Seraflcaps - Wide Range of Options Use
    Seraflcaps - Wide Range of Options Use
    1537 Views Liked

    Enzymes are the most important biocatalysts that accelerate metabolic processes by an order of magnitude 8-14 times and ensure the functioning of all living organisms, including humans. The most important more proteolytic enzymes - proteases that break down proteins.

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  • Mycelcaps - effective immune support
    Mycelcaps - effective immune support
    1559 Views Liked

    There is currently great interest in using foods to support the immune system - especially those that are thought to have specific physiological benefits are being studied, and scientists are trying to confirm this effectiveness in clinical studies. One such dietary supplement is manufactured by Amino, a biotechnology company in Sapporo, Japan. It is aHCC® - a patented fungus extract with a trademark that provides the immune system with natural support. aHCC® has been studied for various uses...

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